Why Contactfree?

Here’s 10 Things Contactfree Delivers You Can’t Currently Do….

Whether selling yourself, your companies services or a product we reckon Contactfree will deliver you a cleaner, faster and more fun experience than any other platform on the planet.

Contactfree provides everything you’re going to need to connect up your digital, physical and visual worlds to allow you to operate and enjoy a more efficient and happily digital life knowing that Contactfree is working away in the background protecting your worlds and supporting you if any hiccups occur.

Our feature menu is just like an eat as much as you like restaurant. We Our diets are all different but everyone pay the same but use what you want dependant on what you’re looking to get out of where you are in life.

One Plan. Once Price.
Everyone Gets Everything…

Use As Much or As Little As You Like

1. Profile (About You)

2. Product (Calendar / Buy!)

3. Send A Video Message

4. Create a Label

5. Create A Skills Profile

Devices Included

a) Business Card

b) Fob

WhatsApp Support

30-Day Returns Policy

Single Page Management

The World Is Moving From
Full-Contact To Contactfree
Don’t Wait Start Today…

£10 Per Month
Paid Annually

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