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With money is not being a goal Contactfree is designed around people rather than investors.

It allows also people too easily connect their digital and physical worlds and engage with others in a cleaner more efficient protected environment so everyone smiles more.

Enjoy Our Platform 🙂

Generate All Day
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From 33p A Day

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Too Busy Keep Up To Date?
£2.50 A Month We’ll set everything up for you but you’ll get monthly price matrixes.
We’ll set it up with prices ready to go so you can just create and go!
When it’s done we’ll just give you the keys.

Deploy Company Wide
Your Workforce + Audience

Ridiculous Power + 16p A Day
Most brands and companies today are at least 4 or 5 platforms all fragilely glued together and riddling their business with risk of failure up front and ongoing costs and operational inefficiencies.
Being frank it’s 2020 and glueing stuff together ain’t going deliver.
Think we’re talking nonsense telephone one of the directors of the many platforms you’re currently paying for or IT Director and ask them 10 simple questions and invite them to use honesty and directness in their responses to you.

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