About Contactfree

Not Your Normal Platform
Built By Circumstance
Built For Everyday Life
Built For Everyone

Building A Post C19 Platform

The Worlds First Fully Contactfree Platform was built over two UK lockdowns.

The key fundamental difference was the entire team working remotely allowed us to deliver the platform at a ridiculously low price point.

In fact some of the team have not even met since development on the platform started over 7 months ago in April 2020.

Here’s our vision made Contactfree what it is…

Our Lockdown Vision
April 2020

Everyday life is soon gonna be very different for everyone on our planet…

How can we use our skills and experience to build something useful so everyone can use in their everyday life.

Okay…let’s build the best Contactfree Platform on the planet.

Let’s make it simple to create a video so everyone feels humanity.
Let’s make it simple to manage so everyone can use it.
Let’s be simple and collect no data so everyone feels safe.
Let’s make our plan simple so that everyone can understand it.
Let’s make cancelling our plan simple everyone feels protected.
Let’s make our support simple to contact so everyone feels involved.
Let’s also make all of the above so simple it’s ridiculously fast and will… #MakeYouSmile

Bonus…lets make it so affordable that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our work in their everyday life.

About The Platform

 🇬🇧 British Can-Do Attitude

A British owned and operated platform built by a team heavily experienced in building stuff that tackles difficult challenges.

We’re also experienced at making people smile hence in 2015 the company was granted the #MakeYouSmile® by British Government.

Built Clean

No Meetings
Contactfree was built without a single face-to-face meeting.
This meant that not only are carbon-free but every moment of each our development teams work has been focused around our Lockdown Vision.

Built Direct

No Pitch Deck
Not tied a pitch deck that allow the platform allowed us to craft and iterate the platform both at lightning speed and constantly without having the need to stop to seek external / investor approval.

Built Fast

No Teams of Coders
Without any form of VC backing we simply didn’t have the normal team of coders to sit list out the languages, technologies that needed to be incorporated and slow the development progress.
Speed wasn’t in the list, it was at the top of it!

Building Fun

Architecting For The Unknown
With the development taking place over two UK lockdowns there was simply no market data to study.

However with seismic changes in everyones daily behaviour and people quickly getting use to and enjoying Zoom calls they we’re rapidly getting comfortable with selling both themselves and their products by communication on screen.
This brought video wholly front and centre of Contactfree.


IRR has evolved into the good, the bad and the ugly of owning a smartphone.
The good is that everyone can now do pretty much anything by simply pulling our phones out of our pockets.
The bad is that smartphones are slowly dehumanising everyone from everyday life.
The ugly is that many are simply oblivious to the fact that their privacy and data is being used to speed up this process.
Having no IRR pressures or requirements has allowed us to put the ability to be creative and generate into everyone with a smartphone in an affordable way.

Journalists & Media

If you’re a journalist, media publication or news website / blog and have an audience anywhere worldwide you we would appreciate any exposure you can give us to get Contactfree into peoples lives.

In addition to this website we’ve a tremendous reservoir of high quality offline which we’d happily provide you to give your piece an additional edge!

Please contact our Directors & Officers for this edge.

£10 A Month
30-Day Return Period

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