Toolkit Buttons

Using her eye 👁️ for design Andrea has crafted out our first six Action Buttons which you’ll notice start appearing on Contactfree cards, bands and labels from this Monday (26th October 2020) as well as customers websites and apps.


Buy! Button allows users using Offer, Menu and Deal actions enhanced platforms speed to aid customers in make their purchase quicker.
Join Now does similar with the benefit of anonymising purchase journey ensuring quickest route to successful sale capture.

Button / Platform Benefits

Core benefits to platform users benefitting from combining Contactfree buttons and platform actions.

Buy! – Eliminates form use and the additional work required in processing form submissions.

Join Now – Eliminates Form Use and the additional work required in processing form submissions.



The buttons hit the platform on Monday at Odyssey Heath Club who are actively using our Offer, Menu and Deal actions.

Keep you eyes on our website next week to see the new buttons deployed as we have a surprise in store….🧵⚡

If you’re from the Media and write about Health & Fitness Businesses and would like to write about how our buttons are helping GYM’s visit our media page as we’re open to helping you out.

Chocolate & Cadbury 🇬🇧

Our buttons might be British built and fast but they’re not as yummy as another British designed and built button.

We will be enjoying Cadbury’s Daily Milk Buttons when our buttons go live! ⚡

Testing was so fast ⚡⚡ it wasn’t just us with a WOW face 😮

Contactfree is an Open Platform with No Commitment which means any businesses worldwide can use the platform to engage with the customers.

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