Driving Contactfree

Spotted near the Contactfree offices in Knebworth, UK 🇬🇧 ….Scorpion Driving School has made rather good use of the back of his motor…

The code on the rear of the vehicle is website action and goes direct to their website allowing Scorpion sell their packages 24/7 from anyone seeing the vehicle.

While this code wasn’t provided by us keep your eyes on our website as we may be seeing Scorpion Driving again soon! 👀

If you are a Driving Instructor or Driving School anywhere worldwide our website action will help you engage with potential customers and our Buy! Action will help them buy lessons quicker than they can go from 0-60 mph! 💨

All of us at Team Contactfree have got licences but if you live in Hertfordshire, UK and looking to learn check out Scorpion Driving’s Website run by Jeff as their vehicle does look rather good!

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