Growth Kiosk.

Growth Kiosk.

We hosted a design session for Kiosk. at our Meeting Studio in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Brands and companies wanting personalisation we will also be offering custom versions for orders over 10 units of our Metal Kiosk.

You wouldn’t believe we’re just 30 mins from Central London!

in the UK’s beautiful Hertfordshire sunshine to create a New Metal Kiosk.

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Growth Kiosk. Simple

Yellow + Collect

Our Kiosk. isn’t the only useful self-serve object in Hertfordshire as it’s got a new friend.

There might only be 4,496 in Knebworth village this bright shiny amazon locker has been installed at Knebworth Train Station Car Park.

While it’s not fully Contactfree like Kiosk. local retailers will now need to up their game as folk coming off the train will now be able to collect supplies on route to their car rather than go shopping.

If you’re a local retailers explore Kiosk. range all of which are on-shelf and can be dispatched same day.

For those who like Yellow for those ordering 100+ and you can choosx§e any colour you desire.

If you’re looking to go fully custom see our end-to-end service Object.

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Wrap Failure

We love John Lewis but despite having over 80,000 staff they still managed to publish a full page advert wrap with a code that doesn’t scan.

We acknowledge failure is part of every day life hence why we’ve a failure page as one of our 10 page website.

Despite what people think QR Codes are not easy nor is design and print.

As we’ve been doing all three of them for a while if you work in John Lewis Marketing department and would like some help give us a call +447398211386.

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Heavyweight Boxer

Heavyweight Boxer Michael Sprott has gone green and is now using Band.

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Calendar Tool

Expected March 2021

Time Management
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