Questions + Answers

People Engage In 3 Ways
Call, Message & Watch


1. We’re gonna need onpage video to sell stuff?
2. We’re going to need to deliver different prices
3. We’re going to need create staff to sell themselves more directly?
4. These staff are going to need to create from end-to-end on any device with no app?
5. Bearing in mins we can Contactfree for £10.00 month and continue to pay your fees is there any plausible reason we shouldn’t do this?
6. Bearing that in mind is using 
paying you?
9. Do you think it’s worth doing some distribution with them so that we can start generating some additional digital revenues we’re not at the moment.
10. Finally, do you think when I finish speaking to you my next call should be calling them so we can all start our journey of getting more from what we’re all doing everyday?
1. People how many links on your companies website where people can call, message or watch you in order to engage with you?


1. Spend is moving and fast, people are now