Meet Our Team


We originally started Contactfree in June 2015 as a DTC (direct-to-consumer) platform, it was known then as Awesome!

Awesome! was intentionally designed to cross mesh Andrea’s raw talent in building instantly intuitive physical interfaces (read more) and Christian’s 20 years experience building complex but lightning fast and high performing digital platforms.

Its purpose was to provide everyday companies a new additional revenue channel allowing them to brand their products ‘Awesome!’.

When the pandemic arrived, while everyone headed for Netflix or their gardens we (together with a team) rolled our sleeves up and repurposed Awesome! into Contactfree to support the post-pandemic change and the requirement for humans to engage with each other in a cleaner more efficient way.

Andrea Newman

Voice Calls + iMessage + WhatsApp
UK Mobile +447989216288

Core Capability
Design + Print at scale with precision and variables.

Why Call Andrea Right Now?
(a) You are a user and your are unhappy with any part of what we have delivered.

Platform Contribution
Visual Design + Print Strategy

Everyday Responsibilities
Palette + Studio

Career Experience
Andrea has a clear and deep understanding of physical and digital constraints at scale especially when multiple variables are involved.

Andrea’s unique combination of design, print and digital experience is simply unrivalled in the UK, read more.

Design Quality + > 1 mm Print Precision

Fun Fact – Royal Connections
In her early twenties Andrea’s talent was spotted by the British Royal Family and she went on to create various printed materials for both their internal and external use.

Outside Work
Cooking + Watching Cookery On TV.

Favourite Meal
Seafood + Rose Prosecco(s).

Pet Hates
Sloppy Kerning.

Christian Newman

Voice Calls + iMessage + WhatsApp

UK Mobile +447921456437

Everyday Responsibilities
Global Architecture

Core Capability
Cross-border e-commerce at speed.

Career Experience
20+ years building stuff read more.

Favourite Places
San Francisco | New York | Barcelona

KPI Targets
Visitor Experience + CCC Cycle

Why Call Christian Right Now?
(a) You are a large brand or company wanting to deploy Contactfree inside your product and sell direct-to-consumer.

(b) You are a government department and looking to deploy Contactfree country-wide to protect your citizens and provide them a platform to generate.

(c) An existing user you feel you have spotted a change that can be made to our platform architecture that neither requires venture capital funding or compromises the privacy of our users and will bring clear and useful benefits to user base globally.

Fun Fact – Names & Numbers
Christian met Andrea in Newman Street on 29th January the same date exactly 45 years after his parents met.

He took Andrea to exactly the same spot in Newman Street exactly 3 years later to propose to make her Mrs Newman.

They married not exactly 3 years and not in Newman Street but on the beach in Mauritius, Africa.

Outside Work
Running + Football + Watching F1

Favourite Meal
Pizza + Cold Beer

Pet Hates
People who don’t reply to calls + emails.