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Testing…TV’s + Weekends With Kiosk.

Our New Kiosk. fresh off the production line…a quick stop into Contactfree Studio for photography and filming they’re on the move again and into the hands of our beta test group.

Beginning their brute-force testing cycle in preparation for entry into our product catalogue.

With the Euros Football, Wimbledon Tennis and the Austrian F1 Grand Prix they’ll be rather useful for our testers who’ll be glued to their TV’s watching the sporting action.

Ideal for those working from home (WFH) or office workers wanting to bring a little automation to their desk at the office with Kiosk.

Both Wholesale and Your Brand options are fully available for larger brands or organisations looking to deploy customer wide to Go DTC both quickly and affordability.

If you want to beat your competitors drop Our Team to get near the front of the queue or Schedule Meet to discuss your requirements.

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