Who makes our platform World-Class?

What makes our platform World-Class?

When does our platform become World-Class?

Where is our platform World-Class?

Why is our platform World-Class?

We Only Invest In Ourselves.

Do It Right The First Time.

Zero Power + Zero Ego

Productivity Alpha

Contactfree is British platform created by an efficiency focused team, experienced in building quality stuff to help everyday folk tackle the complex and fast moving challenges of everyday life.

Our Lockdown Mission Goal

April 2020

Okay…so everyday life is soon gonna be very different for every human on our planet…

Right…while everyones enjoying Netflix or time in their gardens let spend the next year building the best Contactfree Platform on the planet.

Let’s make it so simple to create a video so everyone feels humanity.
Let’s make it simple to manage so everyone can use it.
Let’s be simple and collect no data so everyone feels safe.
Let’s make our plan simple so that everyone can understand it.
Let’s make cancelling our plan simple everyone feels protected.
Let’s make our support simple to contact so everyone feels involved.
Let’s also make all of the above so simple it’s ridiculously fast and will… #MakeYouSmile

Bonus…lets make it so affordable that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our work in their everyday life.

Not A Normal Platform

Build Fast + Sell Fast Or Go Sell Coffee.
Product Beats Marketing.
User Experience Beats Shareholder Value.
Neutrality Beats Experience.
Exclusively Integer

Fun Fact
Our offices are wedged between the workshops of a well established Violin Restorers, Hill & Company so we hear the odd violin or two.

Travelling From London
Hop on a direct 25 min train from London Kings Cross to Welwyn North Station, then into a 5 min taxi (rank outside) / uber.

Arriving from Overseas
Let us know when and we’ll happily collect you from one of three international airports close to our office.

Nearest airport London Luton (LTN) – 20 min by road.

Change is Hard. Our Platform Will Help.

All Products – 48 HR Worldwide Delivery

Our Goal.


1. Build Clean

No Meetings
Contactfree was built without a single face-to-face meeting. 
This meant that not only are carbon-free but every moment of each our development teams work has been focused around our Lockdown Vision.

2. Build Direct

No Pitch Deck
Not tied a pitch deck that allow the platform allowed us to craft and iterate the platform both at lightning speed and constantly without having the need to stop to seek external / investor approval.

3. Test Don’t Socialising

We are not on Social Media. We spend our time testing rather than socialising. People we need to build a Twitter profile with lost of posts.
Do you think these same people tell Apple Marketing Department the same, see for yourself.

No Teams of Coders
Without any form of VC backing we simply didn’t have the normal team of coders to sit list out the languages, technologies that needed to be incorporated and slow the development progress.
Speed wasn’t in the list, it was at the top of it!

4. Build For Fun

Architecting For The Unknown
With the development taking place over two UK lockdowns there was simply no market data to study. 

However with seismic changes in everyones daily behaviour and people quickly getting use to and enjoying Zoom calls they we’re rapidly getting comfortable with selling both themselves and their products by communication on screen.
This brought video wholly front and centre of Contactfree.

5. Build With No IRR

IRR has evolved into the good, the bad and the ugly of owning a smartphone. 
The good is that everyone can now do pretty much anything by simply pulling our phones out of our pockets. 
The bad is that smartphones are slowly dehumanising everyone from everyday life.
The ugly is that many are simply oblivious to the fact that their privacy and data is being used to speed up this process.
Having no IRR pressures or requirements has allowed us to put the ability to be creative and generate into everyone with a smartphone in an affordable way.

6. Build Client + Server

Delete Yourself

It also empowers you so any time by completing this form our users can destroy every scrap of data they’ve ever submitted to our platform within 60 seconds, in line with our approach to Your Privacy + Mental Health.

21 Day Deletion

We run a 21 day deletion cycle so destroy all non-user data submitted at 21 days. 

This removes the storage cost and distraction of holding data with negligible value and minimises the attractiveness to hackers.

Our Support – 48 HR v Go Live

We also offer a live service engineer with our team for users that an immediate assistance.

We openly publish our support performance monthly so all our users can see both the platform, our factories and our team is serving and protecting them well.

Product Catalogue

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All Products – 48 HR Worldwide Delivery

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